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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Birthday weekend. The King and I

So this past Saturday was my birthday. It was a nice relaxing day that ended with a pleasant vegan potluck with a bunch of friends which then turned into a dance party.
My best friend Evan and I made sushi (fake) for everyone and I'd say it was a success.

Also Monday was MLK day and some friends of mine did a couple of civil awareness activities for Haiti. I'm sorry that I missed it but I heard they successfully got kicked out of City Market.
This is a gist of what they did.

"Scale is important. Reports are confirming at least 50,000 have died in Haiti over the past two days. It is likely tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of brothers, sisters, parents, children and friends will join that number. More people dead (let alone injured) than the entire population of the Savannah metro area. I find the numbers to be simply beyond representation. By going into the streets with friends, family and strangers to impose their numbers, their lose,their struggle on Savannah's population both permanent and temporary we may begin to generate a shred of the empathy deserved by this battered and abused group of persons. If like in Haiti one cannot walk beyond the spot they stand without stepping on a person laying motionless under their shadow we have still not come close to doing enough, but will be on heading the right direction.

I suggest...

Also today an article was written by, (Capri and my "boyfriend") Chris Hedges, on behalf of Martin Luther King Day and what is stands for and the point that we are inevitably missing in the whole thing. It's on, which is a great source of news.

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