here i am, here i am, here i am. so glad you are, so glad you are, so glad you are.


"log_4 x = n" is a book I just finished.
 It is about logarithms and their relation to our every day lives.

Collaborative Book Project with Kevin O'Kelley and Connor Kirk.
The book was a creative representation of Science and Spirituality in Art.
The book opened from both sides, 
one mimicking a Religious text and the other a Science textbook.

Images taken with Holga in India.
"The Internet (Here I am here I am here I am.
So glad you are so glad you are so glad you are)"
circular plate etching 

"Perithachoor, Villapuram District of Tamil Nadu, India"

Monotype prints of Haiti victims sewn to silk

Monoprinted circular plate etchings


"Ann-aconda Coulter - Wrastlin' for Jesus"
4 plate Photo-Litho print
Part of an exchange portfolio titled, "Wrastlin'"