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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

esto no es america

i love these things

picture by alee

this is from a few weeks ago when we went on a lovely road trip. i love this picture that alee took with her polaroid.


So Im doing an Independent study this quarter with three other girls that is going to be a print installation class. I'm very excited to dive into this medium and make work that is both spatial, interactive, and immersive. We have a blog that we will be discussing our ideas and plans on and also that we will be posting the dates and times that we will be exhibiting or hosting events. We talked about having an event possibly every week for people to come and view our work/experiments. I hope that we get some people interested and i welcome you to follow along with us on our blog at

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Saturday, March 27, 2010

This is an image I really enjoy.

I found this a long time ago and unfortunately can not remember the artists name. But I love it.

The new political party: The COFFEE PARTY!

Coffee Party USA aims to reinvigorate the public sphere, drawing from diverse backgrounds and diverse perspectives, with the goal of expanding the influence of the People in America's political arena. We do not require nor adhere to any preexisting ideology. We encourage deliberation guided by reason amongst the many viewpoints held by our members. We see our diversity as a strength, not a weakness, because we believe that faithful deliberation from multiple vantage points is the best way to achieve the common good. It is in the responsible and reasonable practice of deliberation that we hope to contribute to society.

Coffee Party USA is made up of people acting independently of political parties, of corporations, and of political lobbying networks. To this point, all products created and hours logged for Coffee Party have been carried out in the spirit of volunteerism. In the coming months and years, we hope to transform our disappointment in our current political system into a force that will return our nation to a course of popular governance, of the People by the People for the People.

We are diverse — ethnically, geographically, politically, in age and in experience.

We are 100% grassroots. No lobbyists here. No pundits. And no hyper-partisan strategists calling the shots in this movement. We are a spontaneous and collective expression of our desire to forge a culture of civic engagement that is solution-oriented, not blame-oriented.

We demand a government that responds to the needs of the majority of its citizens as expressed by our votes and by our voices;NOT corporate interests as expressed by misleading advertisements and campaign contributions.

We want a society in which democracy is treated as sacrosanct and ordinary citizens participate out of a sense of civic duty, civic pride, and a desire to contribute to society. The Coffee Party is a call to action. Our Founding Fathers and Mothers gave us an enduring gift — Democracy — and we must use it to meet the challenges that we face as a nation.